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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SIHH 2010: ALS Homage Moonphase and Lange 1 Tourbillon

We continue with the Homage series in honey gold.

The 1815 Moonphase is a rehash of the original Emil Lange 1815 Moonphase which has been doing very well in the auction scene.

The character of the 1815 dial design is apparent in the new watch.

But the design shows a totally new watch...featuring the vapour deposit blueing of the moon disk.

The movement remains the same, again, safe for the the new decoration, and features a moonphase display accurate to 1 day in 1058 years.

Next the Lange 1 Tourbillon.

A true beauty in its own right, the Lange 1 Tourbillon features the characteristic cutout for a tourbillon at about 4 o'clock on the dial, supported by a highly polished one arm, skeletonised bridge.

The dial layout necessitates a separate small seconds hand on the main time dial. This is required because the tourbillon spins counter-clockwise, and hence not possible to mount a seconds hand on the cage.

Detail of the tourbillon bridge, showing the diamond endstone, and the tourbillon cage. Note also the date disks are numerals printed on sapphire crystal to allow the owner full view of the tourbillon.

In detail, you can see the sapphire disks, with printed numerals. Note shadow on the digits.

The movement, showing two fully decorateed cocks, one holding the tourbillon bridge, and the other holding the transmission wheel to drive the small subsidiary seconds hand. Both these cocks are in honey gold.

The tourbillon features a stop clock mechanism, first premiering in the Cabaret Tourbillon. This allows the entire tourbillon cage to be stopped on demand, as the owner pulls the crown to allow precise time setting.

continued in Part 3

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