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Friday, April 27, 2012

Model shoot with Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R: Photoshoot with model.

The Nissan GT-R is not new, but it has developed a reputation of being a Porshe killer. When the Hasselblad Users Group wanted to do a car shoot...I first offered to arrange a Pagini Zonda...but they felt that as this was our first car shoot for the group, perhaps a less exotic, but still interesting car might fit the bill. The GT-R does this trick. Superb car, and we were lucky to have Rebecca as the model who slithered on the car.

I don't normally do model photographs, but Rebecca was a pleasure to work with, so I thought I'd show these shots with GT-R as a prop.

Closeup on Rebecca's face

OK, back to the car....

OK, I lied...more to Rebecca on the car...I am not an expert on cars, so I let the pictures do the talking....first Rebecca with car...

Click on remainding pics for a 1920 pixel wide superwallpapers.

I did take many photographs of the car alone, but perhaps for another day, eh?

Many thanks to Raymond Kong for the use of your marvellous automobile. Apologies to we are a camera nut group, I left the photographs photoshop of anykind except for levels and resizing (and where appropriate, addition of frames)...except for the two car only photographs...which were photoshopped to death...muahahahahah (evil laugh).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exclusive pictures of a Stainless Steel cased Lange Tourbillon Pour le Merite

Exclusive pictures of the Stainless Steel Lange Tourbillon "Pour le Merite"

In the early days of the manufacture, the leadership of the company, principally Mr Gunter Blumlein made some difficult decisions to make special edition watches for special customers...he subsequently stopped this practice, as it creates considerable headaches for the company to dedicate resources to creating special pieces and balancing the demand. But in the illustrious history of the Lange Tourbillon Pour le Merite, there are 2 such documented occassions, and at least one more undocumented cases.

The documented cases are recorded in the company archives, which I accessed to when researching for my book "The Pour le Merite Collection", available here. The occurance of the Little Tourbillon in pink gold, measuring 36.5mm instead of 38.5mm diameter. Recently, an undocumented Little Tourbillon in platinum was discovered as it was offered in an auction by Dr. Crott. While the pink gold Little Tourbillon was recorded in the archives, the platinum one was not.

Another, perhaps more interesting Tourbillon Pour le Merite which is recorded in the archives is one made in Stainless Steel.

This speciment is further documented in my book, when I met with the owner, and photographed the watch. More information in the book.

And on the owner's wrist

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bamboo framed bicycle

Bicycle photographs

Some pictures of a rather unique bicycle...bamboo tubes, hub rear gearing, dynamo hub for the front.

Not our usual photoblog stuff...I was with a friend at his mechanic's place...I was also there to discuss some of my needs in my new bike build...we thought, I should photograph the bibycle...I was ill equipped...only had my GH2 with 45mm, and working with only available lighting, in-situ (pardon the distraction of other frames and stuff around the bicycle). But here it is...

The Nexus hub gear is quiet and smooth...Shimano Nexus...8 speeds on the tap

The hub features an internal roller brake, and is cooled via a special cooling fin, drawing air into the hub.

Front hub is a Shimano built in hub generator to power the LED lighting

Timber grips give a retro look

And the swept back, comfort handlebars...not the beautiful bell hanging on the left side of the bar...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peter Speake-Marin

I showed this photograph in my Facebook, and intended to use it in one of my food reviews, as it was one of the interesting watches in meal with non-watch collectors. But a few friends who saw the photograph urged me to put this up on the photography blog. Simple photograph, taken with available lighting in an eating house.

Many non-collectors have remarked to me this was a beautiful watch. Both reacting to the photograph and to the actual watch. The aestetics executed by PSM is beautiful...proportions are well balanced and classical, though the large and exaggarated, somehow seem to be in balance. The movement, which I did not photograph is quite beautiful, showing a magnificently stylised rotor, bearing the PSM signature design.

Beautiful watch, overall. Not horologically important in that it does not really push the horological envelope, but aestecially very pleasing.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Archery anyone?

Traditional Archery display in Nikko, Japan

Just a quick, fun post for today...

When I was in the traditional city of Nikko in Japan last year, I managed to witness an interesting archery event. The participants dressed up as mediaval folks...processing down a prepared gravel road, approximately 800m long

Three targets were set up at regular intervals, and archers on horseback, ride at full speed, and try and shoot 3 arrows at the the 3 targets. Amazingly many are able to hit 2, with some even striking all 3 targets while on horseback.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Malmaison by The Hour Glass at Knightsbridge: most beautiful store in the world?

Malmaison: Most beautiful store?

Malmaison by The Hour Glass in Knightsbridge stands as one of the most beautiful stores purveying luxury in the world. A brainchild of Michael Tay, this store is a treasure house to showcase luxury. Not satisfied with just offering the world's best watches, Malmaison now also offers a beautiful line of menswear, luxury perfumes and jewellery.

I undertook this little project as part of the Leica S2 review, and spent a happy afternoon with my friend Christopher Lee photographing the store.

Covering a total of approx 6,000 sq ft, the entire ground floor is dedicated to the usual high end watches carried by The Hour Glass, but also a little corner of gentlemen worldly suits from Rubinacci, shoes by Corthay, and many other interesting treasures. But upstairs, we find a small book nook, carrying titles from TeNeuss and is the only retail outlet in the world to carry my "Pour le Merite Collection" title.

Click on the image for a 1920 wide image.

Looking around, the general view of the upstairs

Another view

And an interesting experiment...a 6 panel stitch of the Summarit 35 each done in portrait orientation, covering approximately the same field of view as a single shot with the same Summarit 35 in landscape mode. First the stitched photograph

Single shot

My conclusion, if it is not for a gigantic print, I rather prefer the single no need for all the trouble to stitch. Perhaps for super large prints, I do mean really big print, as the regular S2 file is some 36 Mpixels is good enough for very large prints. A0 is certainly exhibition quality, larger possible at larger viewing distances.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Featured in Robb Report China

I was featured in Robb Report China

I attended the Pour le Merite launch in Beijing in November 2011, and met with many interesting journalists from China. One of them, Delia Wong, decided to dedicate 4 pages of Robb Report to tell my story

It is a heartening experience...she used many of my photographs in the report. I am very pleased...and I hope you like it too...

A pdf copy is found here.