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Friday, November 5, 2010

Beaches in California

Monteray...a beautiful area, by the Pacific Ocean...just at the top of the Monteray Peninsula.

The Yatch Club at Monteray was particularly beautiful that afternoon.

Metering for this was done with center weighted average from the camera.

Sausalito, another beautiful little town, nestled in the bay, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. we had just finished shooting the Golden Gate Bridge, and was heading to Sausalito for a spot of dinner, when the setting sun made such a beautiful tone in the sky, we just had to pull out the tripod and shoot.

Metering for both were quite simple with the camera providing a center weighted average. I chose the boat hull as the point for metering, which actually places it in zone 5. The rest of the picture fell in place. The raw shot looked underexposed, but in Phocus, I could pull up the shadows to show detail. A little saturation was added in CS4 to intensify the setting sun colours.

The tonal gradations, especially the larger picture on clicking, and in print is absolutely beautiful, and what draws me into this photograph.

And further south...La Jolla beach in San Diego

The last golden light, before sunset at La Jolla Beach. I metered the tree and placed it in Zone 1, so that it is almost featureless and plunged in deep shadows. This made the setting sun glow with its golden rays. Again, the tonality of the photograph is what makes it for me. I intentionally placed the person's silhoutte to draw the viewer into the photograph with the human element.

In this next shot, I took candidly...I set up the tripod just behind this lady looking into the sunset. I intentionally framed such that both the lady and the sun was in the photograph. Metering was average, and not using the zone method. The raw image looked surprisingly close to the final image I am showing here. I had only adjusted the levels slightly, and pushed up the saturation a tad.

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