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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photographers in a rally

It was election time in Singapore last week...though as I write this blog entry (Saturday afternoon) the polls are still on-going and results will not be known till later this evening. I happen to live in the only constituency where there is a sadly I won't get to exercise my right to vote this election.

But it didn't stop me from attending some rallys held over the week...interesting to see that there are so many photographers in a typical lunchtime are some shots

Girl with Canon 7D and a fellow with a Nikon behind her:

Another girl with a film Canon...though with an Olympus strap

Hidden camera-woman...with Olympus EP...not sure if its 1 or 2.

And the cameraman, with his pro Nikon D3 (not visible in pic) and very well used, seasoned Hasselblad X-PAN. Very cool.

Fellow doing video with his Iphone, on special holder...I believe there is a lens in front of the Iphone lens, and external microphone:

And Press photographer with his battered EOS 1ds3

All photographed with Panasonic Lumix GH-2 with 14-140 lens.

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