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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girard Perregaux Pocket Watch with Three Golden Bridges

As promised on Friday, here are the high resolution photographs of what was to me, the highlight of the show. The historically important Esmeralda, a wonderfully decorated, beautifully restored pocket watch tourbillon with three golden bridges.

But I will present those photographs another day...for today, a modern watch.

And to give a flavour and spice to the Esmeralda, GP makes a pocket watch with the three golden bridges as a special limitation...approximately one a year (actually less) since 1980. This is number 14, and is so beautiful.

The movement side

This is a very deep stack of some 12 images, stacked with Helicon Focus.

And a detail of the tourbillon bridge, showing the beautifully polished tourbillon cage and the beaming jewels:

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