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Monday, November 7, 2011

Shooting at the Forbidden City

Just a short post today, as I am away in Munich and Dresden with a full program.

This photographed just before dusk at the Forbidden City...

or in BW

I had just completed my visit to the Forbidden City...took the audio guide....used to be Roger Moore as a narator...but now by an unknown Chinese lady speaking good English, but with a distinct Chinese accent. Took all day to see almost all of the Palace. Left at 5pm when the museum closed, and spied this group of photographers aiming their cameras at the corner of the Forbidden City...

From what I can figure out, these were locals. Interesting gear...the chap nearest to me was using the Pentax 645D, also on a Photoclam and Gitzo 3541 (except I have the LS, his has the center column). And a bit further down, a fellow with a Canon EOS but also with a Linhof 617 or similar.

I returned the next evening after dark (shot this at 6:30pm, sun down 5:30pm), but those pictures later.

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