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Friday, September 20, 2013

Portraits from a luncheon

Portraits...from a recent lunch hosted by Breguet.

Breguet makes exquisite watches...we already know that. I am most intrigued and captivated by their beautiful dials. Over a lunch hosted by Breguet, they showed us how they make the beautiful dials, using a traditional rose engine machine. For the masters of this art, complex patterns can be made on the traditional gold dials used in their watches.

Here is the master demonstrating

But for that afternoon, we got to try our hand on the rose the substrate for guilloche was brass. And for the trial, we tried only to do straight lines.

The result...

Here is a picture of me trying my hand at credit to Fabien Lavrion, Breguet's chief in Singapore

I wonder if Breguet will give me a job on the rose machine...haha

Here is Suzanne Wong, Editor in Chief at Revolution Press trying her hand...

And my friend Larry Wee giving it a go as well

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