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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hong Kong: A short series

Shot with a Mamiya 7 II with 43mm lens. This is a truly superb rangefinder camera. Shooting 6x7 film. Scanned with a Hasselblad 343 drum scanner. I didn't do much touch up on the scratches to the film. These appear as white dots, or scratch lines on the film, and is quite common, especially when not stored properly.

Both camera, lens and scanner have amazing resolution and colour fidelity.

Shot from a flat up 28 storeys in Hung Hom.

The DOF of the 43mm lens is amazing. And the depth of detail is very high.

Same camera, lens. Outside the Peninsula Hotel:

Inside, using Kodak Tri-Pan X black and white film for a grainy period look.

Same setup outside the IFC, across the border

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