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Friday, October 8, 2010

Scenes from Singapore: Marina Bay Part 3

And a bit more spectacular:

Eight panel horizontal stitch with HC2.8/80. The camera is mounted on the Manfrotto macro rail, set such that the point of pivot is exactly at the entrance pupil of the defined by Hasselblad to be 79mm in front of the sensor position at infinity focus. Focus is set manually, as is exposure. This shot from one of the pods off the Helix Bridge.

The full resolution photograph is some 1GB in size, and will easily print to 8 m width without loss in resolution. Stitching done in CS4.

Seven panel horizontal stitch using HC2.8/80. This shot just outside the concourse of the Shoppes at Marina Bay.

A single shot using same lens showing the Shenton Way skyline.

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