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Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese Opera Performers

Shriro, the majority shareholders of Victor Hasselblad AB and of course agents for Hasselblad cameras in Singapore. The Sales Manager - Denis Lim is a easy going fellow...friendly, and always helpful. He established a Hasselblad Users Group...where any Hasselblad user, current, past or future can participate in photography sharing events held approximately monthly.

These photographs were taken during the September meeting, where he invited two opera performers, in their gear to model. Shot with twin Profoto flashes, and the H4D-40 camera.

First at ISO1600, a speed which killed many a MFDBs. Medium format backs are notorious for poor high ISO performance. With 35mm type DSLRs upping the ante of old Canon 1dmk3 could produce grainy but usable photographs at ISO6400. But until the H4D, 800 was the upper limit of most MFDB. Phase One backs, with binding the pixels could be pushed to 800 easily, but at the cost of reduced resolution. I have shot at ISO800 with good results for properly exposed photographs on my H3D.

Below is a photograph at ISO1600, shot while the performers were doing their makeup before the main shoot. Shot handheld, no flash.

opera performer doing makeup

Reverting back to ISO 100, with the Profoto flash.

full body shot of male opera performer in pose

Closer up of the performer

head shot male opera performer in pose

Headshot of the female performer

head shot of female opera performer in pose

Half body shot of the male performer

half body shot of male opera performer in pose

And finally, both together in a pose

two chinese opera performers in pose
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