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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not travelling with my LX3: Construction site

I am still experimenting with hand held panoramas with the LX3. This little camera is quite surprising...the quality of the images from it, when taken with proper exposure, and limited to iso400 is quite good. Especially if there is no need to print large. For the web, it is excellent.

My chief complaints for the LX3, and the excuse to buy another small camera...eyeing the new Fujifilm X100 which is touted to be available by 1Q2011, is that the autofocus is very slow, it misses the proverbial "moment" as first suggested by HCB (Henri-Cartier Besson for the uninitiated)

Just across the road from my home...a construction I decided to try another pano...stitched from 4 frames.

construction site singapore

And a playful experiment with the polar coordinates filter in CS4

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