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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bamboo framed bicycle

Bicycle photographs

Some pictures of a rather unique bicycle...bamboo tubes, hub rear gearing, dynamo hub for the front.

Not our usual photoblog stuff...I was with a friend at his mechanic's place...I was also there to discuss some of my needs in my new bike build...we thought, I should photograph the bibycle...I was ill equipped...only had my GH2 with 45mm, and working with only available lighting, in-situ (pardon the distraction of other frames and stuff around the bicycle). But here it is...

The Nexus hub gear is quiet and smooth...Shimano Nexus...8 speeds on the tap

The hub features an internal roller brake, and is cooled via a special cooling fin, drawing air into the hub.

Front hub is a Shimano built in hub generator to power the LED lighting

Timber grips give a retro look

And the swept back, comfort handlebars...not the beautiful bell hanging on the left side of the bar...

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