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Friday, April 27, 2012

Model shoot with Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R: Photoshoot with model.

The Nissan GT-R is not new, but it has developed a reputation of being a Porshe killer. When the Hasselblad Users Group wanted to do a car shoot...I first offered to arrange a Pagini Zonda...but they felt that as this was our first car shoot for the group, perhaps a less exotic, but still interesting car might fit the bill. The GT-R does this trick. Superb car, and we were lucky to have Rebecca as the model who slithered on the car.

I don't normally do model photographs, but Rebecca was a pleasure to work with, so I thought I'd show these shots with GT-R as a prop.

Closeup on Rebecca's face

OK, back to the car....

OK, I lied...more to Rebecca on the car...I am not an expert on cars, so I let the pictures do the talking....first Rebecca with car...

Click on remainding pics for a 1920 pixel wide superwallpapers.

I did take many photographs of the car alone, but perhaps for another day, eh?

Many thanks to Raymond Kong for the use of your marvellous automobile. Apologies to we are a camera nut group, I left the photographs photoshop of anykind except for levels and resizing (and where appropriate, addition of frames)...except for the two car only photographs...which were photoshopped to death...muahahahahah (evil laugh).

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Justin said...

Who would turn down the Pagani Zonda? I'd die to shoot a car like that.