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Friday, March 22, 2013

MB&F HM4 Final Edition

MBF...enigmatic, provocative. But always with an edge and a story to tell. Max Busser himself is full of energy, and creativity. I covered the HM4 series with interest in these pages, and we now come to the concluding episode of this outrageous timepiece.

I am amazed by Max's creativity. A small change here, a twist there, and the entire watch is changed. This time, just a small change to the bezel, from round to square, changes the look completely. Now looking like the instrument panel from an aircraft...

Click on image above for 1920 wide full screen wallpaper.

Same movement, almost the same case...but a bezel redesign, the HM4 looks totally like a new watch...I can see how some who love the original HM4 may want to buy another because the watch looks so different.

The movement side...still looking good

And a wrist shot...

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