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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paris Exposition: Some icons

Ah Paris...City of Lights...Most romantic and perhaps beautiful of the world's capital. I begin a series to explore the standards of the Parisian life, as well as a few surprises. This post will start with 3 of the icons.

The most iconic...the Eiffel Tower.

And then the Louvre, a panorama. Click on the image for a 1920 pixel wide image. An even larger one measuring 4228 pixels wide is available on request. Please email. And as usual, full sized prints are available as well. Please enquire by email. The panoramic image below will print to approx 3.5m wide in full resolution.

And perhaps a bit unusual...though easy access through the rooftop of the famous Gallerie Lafayette.

More on this series over the coming weeks.

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umair nazaqat said...

As everyone know, Paris is one of the beautiful cities in world. So these pictures of different historical and beautiful places of pairs are awesome.