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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hong Kong skyline: view from Kowloon

The Hongk Kong skyline...of the central business districts of Central and Wanchai from Tsim Tsa Tsui in Kowloon is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world.

It is highly accessable from the Kowloon esplanade, leading from the Star Ferry Terminal in TST to the Avenue of the Stars provide an excellent vantage point for photographers to try and capture the beauty. And at precisely 8pm every night, the skyline's lights are coordinated in a dance to music. The music can be heard on the airwaves on FM radio, and the spectacle of lights and lasers accompany.

The vantage point in Kowloon is about 1.5km from the main lights, so many lens options will work. Here I have a two panel stitch, shot about 8pm, taking in the Central area

Taken on another day, but earlier, just as the sun was setting at about 6:30pm, a multipanel stitch, covering the area from Causeway Bay to the Wanchai Hong Kong Convention Center to the Central area:

The shots were taken with the HC 50-110 zoom, set at 80mm. My pano rail is just slightly short of the being able to rotate the lens at its entrance pupil, hence you see the slight distortion on the left side of the photograph, as parallax error causes CS4 to see the waterline as slightly curved.

Detail of the IFC tower:

Photographed just beside the Star Ferry terminal at TST, I used the zoom at 110mm setting, with a slight tilt up to cover the building. When viewed at full resolution, the detail captured is quite amazing. I can almost see the people working in the building through the IFC's windows.

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