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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

View from the Pinnacle: The Singapore skyline

Encouraged by the results from the Chinatown photographs, I visited a friend who lived in The Pinnacle - Singapore's highest HDB block of flats. From the skybridge, linking the 5 towers at level 40, I took these photographs.

Minutes before sunset

A few minutes before sunset, a wide pano, stitched from 10 vertical panels using the 80mm standard lens. The cityscape is still bathed in daylight. Click on the image for a much larger one, 1080 pixels high to appreciate the detail captured:


Barely 25 mins later, darkness settled on the city. Using the 28mm lens in landscape orientation, covered the entire city. I cropped the top and bottom to create a panoramic aspect ratio.

With the camera turned into vertical orientation, I made this with the 28mm.

And finally, on the deck, with the city skyline as the background and the lazy deck chairs on the foreground:

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