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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dresden Aldstadt

Continuing on my freezing was really cold when you are not dressed for it...a Canadian friend of mine once told me...there is no such thing as too cold weather...and this from a chap who lives in Montreal where winter temperatures can dip below -20C...or -40C with windchill factored in. Only poor clothing. I was poorly clothed...though I had two sweaters, a rugby t-shirt, a leather jacket, hiking boots. But the chill took its toll...

The skyline from the AugustusBrucke...I think the bridge suffered from some vibrations when the tram is passing...showing up in my photographs as blurring of some edges of buildings. This is the best of the lot...but still terribly lacking in quality and artistic view, in my view.

I am trying again from the Carolabrucke, on the other side, which I think will give a better perspective. And I will summon up the chi to do a panoraman with the 120mm, instead of using the 28mm.

A shot of the Dresden Tower from Theaterplatz. The tram made its way across as I had the shutter open...this being a 40s exposure. I tried differential stretching in this one...again I am not satisfied with the image.

And finally an image of the famous Semper Opera House, from Theaterplatz. By this time, my fingers had gone numb, and I was shivering feeling the cold on my back...

So a quick shot, and back to the car to warm up.

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