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Friday, December 10, 2010

Florence Duomo

Florence...a beautiful Italian city in Tuscany...the centerpiece of this city is the Duomo, or is the center of many Italian cities.

The Duomo was shining in the evening light, the white marble walls almost glistening...I metered the wall at zone 8, and let the rest of the exposure fall where they were. In post processing, a slight levels adjustment made the sky almost black.

Long exposure, nearly 32s at ISO100.

Another view of the Duomo, from the other side..I made all these photographs with the 28mm lens, which is very wide, but to get the entire building in the frame, I still had to tilt the camera upwards, causing converging lines. These were managed in PS, using the "transform/distort" tool. CS4 and other version have a "transform/perspective" tool, but I prefer the flexibility of the distort tool. I also stretch the final output vertically slightly to correct some foreshortening of the image, especially the background images.

And yet another, walking around the Piazza where the cathederal was located:

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