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Friday, December 3, 2010

Travels with my LX3: Milano, Italy

Do I need a medium format digital camera? Well, I'd like to think I do...especially for the extreme closeups I normally do for watch photography, and also for the magnificent landscapes and cityscapes.

But sometimes a small pocketable camera is better...its almost always with me. Although by no means perfect, or even able to deliver all that I want and need of a small camera. The autofocus is too slow, the high iso performance is poor, but the colour balance is brilliant, and the hand-holdable possibilities are excellent. How about an autofocus Leica M9 with a 35mm Sumilux lens for less than what Leica wants for the regular M9? Well, it probably ain't gonna best bet right now looks like the yet to be delivered Fuji X100. So in the meantime, the LX-3 is my weapon of choice when the Hassy is too large, heavy, or inconspicious to go.

And given the proper conditions, the LX3 does a remarkable job.

Here is a 3 panel stitch, done hand held, at the huge mall next to the Duomo in Milan.

Stitched in CS4, but stretched vertically to proper proportions. Each panel is photographed with the LX3 in portrait mode.

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