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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lubeck, Germany

The city of Lubeck is an old mediaval style town, near to the north of Germany...on arrival, the visitor is greeted by the famous towers: Holstein Towers (where the beer gets its name from!)

Getting this photograph was a bit challenging...not half due to the cold weather, but also to the human traffic which passes through. I had to tilt the camera up, even with the 28mm I could not cover the entire building...and I adjusted the perspective in CS4.

In almost every street corner in almost every town in Germany, one eventually chances on a Christmas many varieties...from mediaval ones like this, to those catering to kids, to those specializing in food, and the famous Gluhwein...a hot, red wine, quite strongly smelling, but mild tasting, to warm the extremeties to prepare one for the cold.

And yet another Christmas Market by the church:

I did not bother to correct the perspective in this photograph, as I had visualised the tall towers, with the tiny mediaval style stores surrounding it. The tilt was also quite significant, that it would have demanded significant distortion the straighten the lines. Though I did not attempt to correct the colour

balance for the first two photographs, allowing the tungsten lamps to dominate with rich golden hue...I did a levels adjustment to correct for color temperature for this shot, resulting in natural daylight colored walls for the church.

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